Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seasonal Friendships

You've heard the saying that some people are in your life for only a season, but their influence touches your life forever.  Today I want to share with you about such a friend of mine.  Her name is Lisa and I've written before about how much she has brought into my life.  I hope it makes you think of someone whose done the same for you.

Almost four years ago, Lisa and her husband Pete and their young family, showed up at our homeschool registration day. I think I was one of the first folks to talk to them and remember how easy it was to talk to her.  No nonsense, no fake smiles, just genuine friendship.  She was just beginning her homeschool journey and making new friends in a new town.  Pete, a helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard, had just been sent to Mobile for a four year assignment. 

I became friends with her over the next several months, and honestly, I remember thinking "How can I pour myself into a friend who will only leave my world in four years, and possibly leave me sad in her absence?". That's because basically, I am a fraidy cat, selfish kind of person.  But she was so easy to be with and we had so very much in common, that all my reservations went out the window and I am so blessed to have become her friend, if even for a short time in our lives.  I remember being so inspired by her willingness to be friends, knowing she had to do this every four years!  She had to start over and leave her old world behind and begin again.  Inspiring.  She has inspired me in many ways.

I had always wanted to start a blog but could never quite make myself do it.  She and I talked about it and then one day, she just did it!  She started "The Little House That Grew".  About a week later, I started mine.  We loved taking pictures, so at some point later, she got herself an awesome camera, and being the copycat I am, I got mine too.  We started shooting our kids, our lives, and took some horrible shots, but also learned from each other.  We supported one another in all of our nonsense.  She cheered me on when my blog did well, and when I got to guest post on a popular blog.  And she was the only person in my life then, who read my blog and also got what a big deal it was to guest post.  She cheered me on when my pic was on PW's website because only she got what a big deal it was too.  And I cheered her on when her blog grew and when she had her victories.

And I also called her when I was down, in a hole, and she'd remind me I wasn't alone.  And I did the same for her. 

She would pull me out of my routine when I needed it.  One time she called and said, "I'm bringing my kids over to take pictures of them on the property, and you and I are gonna each bake this pie on the front of Southern Living, and we're gonna have fun."  And all I could say was "okay" ... and I'll never forget that day or those dagum pies! 

She and I have both shared our joys and sorrows in homeschooling and in raising a bunch of kids.  We both absolutely love cottage style furniture, have enjoyed shopping for it and refinishing it, and she has inspired me to do more of that and not just sit and wait until "someday" to buy pieces I love.

When she came into my life, I had only recently moved out here in the middle of nowhere.  Many of my friends, just a twenty minute drive away, would not make the drive to see me, and I was feeling alone and forgotten and was having daily pity parties on this fifteen acre stretch.  Lisa thought nothing of making the drive regularly to come see me and would always bring food and fun and we'd make memories I wouldn't have if I had been too afraid to say "yes" to a friendship that I knew might be temporary.
 Lisa is moving away in the beginning of June, to Pete's new assignment.  My heart is sad that I won't have her company the next time I want to try some new photography, or a new recipe, or need a medicating hug from my friend, the one who gets so many things about my world.  But I am so enriched by her presence in my life and am a better person for knowing her.  I'm sure we'll keep up in little ways, but I know it's likely we'll never visit and so I focus on what we've given to one another over these four years that have flown by. 

I love you Lisa!  I will miss you, but mostly I'm thankful to call you my friend.



  1. There should be a warning on the post about how it's not for those emotionally wrecked by pregnancy! I got started cryin and now I can't stop. God bless Lisa for all she brought to your life and I hope her next journey lands her another sweet Mama friend like you.

  2. What a blessing to have such a friend, even for a short while! Thank you for sharing the gift of Lisa, and reminding me to take the time to appreciate the Lisas in my own life.

  3. Peace, love, and strength to the both of you.

  4. What a blessing to have shared such a wonderful friendship! Prayers for strength and peace going up for you both...

  5. A lovely tribute to yours and Lisa's friendship. I have visited her blog a few times, and I always notice her big, bright smile! She smiles with her whole face! Beautiful. I know you'll miss her, but maybe today's technology will soften the blow a little... much easier to keep in touch.

  6. is lent...isn't it?

    Love so rewarding, love so hard.

    Love only a heartbeat away.

    Peace and strength to you both.

  7. You amazing woman!! How lucky I am to have such kind words written about me. I am the one who is blessed to have you call me a friend. You live a life I will never get to have. You live in a place I can only dream of. I feel inspired by all you plan to do with those things.
    How do I say thank you?? Your words are sunshine to my soul...thank you for saying those things and more importantly..feeling them.